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Bonfiglio & Dietz provides a comprehensive range of tax services to individuals and business across a wide variety of industries. The CPA's and accountants of the Bonfiglio & Dietz Certified Public Accountants strive to meet the specific needs of the individual or business entity in planning for the future, in preparation of current tax filings, and in providing representation before governing bodies for pre-existing situations.



Whether you're a corporation with revenue in the millions, an individual with only one or two sources of income, or you are faced with handling the estate of a loved one, today's complex tax laws can make preparing your own income tax return a stressful and confusing process that leaves you with more questions than answers. Even after you have your questions answered, it is far too easy to accidentally leave out income that results in penalties and interest or to miss out on deductions and credits that your are fully entitled to. 

The CPA's and accountants of Bonfiglio & Dietz have decades of experience behind them to ensure you do not miss a thing when it comes to filing your returns. Their careful attention to detail and passion for providing excellent client-service cannot be replaced by any tax preparation software, no matter how "user-friendly" it may be. 

In addition to a stress-free tax season, here are few other benefits our tax preparation services provide:

  • Your tax return will be perpetually checked by our computer software to identify any details that may result in a delay of return being filed and to ensure all math calculations are correct.

  • Your return will be filed electronically which results in a speedier refund.

  • Our CPA's and staff will carefully analyze your records and point out any deductions or tax credits you may have overlooked.

  • Our CPA's and staff will help you organize your records for your current year tax return and provide you with tips for how to stay organized for the future.

NO MESS IS TOO BIG!!! Regardless of whether you have missed a week, a month, or your bookkeeping is completely non-existent, our CPA's and accountants will review your records, prepare your bookkeeping for the entire year, and prepare your tax return accordingly. Bonfiglio & Dietz will then provide you with tips for better bookkeeping or you can retain us to do your bookkeeping for you! 

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While the IRS maintains different laws for taxation of businesses and individuals, there is one constant "rule" for both businesses and individuals; Tax planning is the ONLY way to effectively and legally reduce your tax liability. The CPA's and accountants at Bonfiglio & Dietz make it a priority to stay current with proposed and effective tax laws to help you minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your after-tax cash flows, and meet your financial goals.

The Bonfiglio & Dietz accountants will help you to increase value in your business or in your own net-worth by suggesting and implementing tax reduction strategies that...

  • Defer income until later periods with lower effective tax rates - keeping more cash in your pocket now and paying lower taxes on the same amounts in the future

  • Reduce taxes on your investments - keeping more wealth in your portfolio now and allowing it to grow more rapidly

  • Accelerate expenses and deductions - effectively reducing current income taxes and keeping more money in your pocket

The experienced accountants at Bonfiglio & Dietz will develop a strategy that works for YOU and allows you to take back control of your income tax liability! You'll sleep well knowing your future is well planned!

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Perhaps the most common mistake in estate tax planning for individuals is that the planning itself is not begun until it is too late - too often individuals believe they have adequately planned only to be stuck with a substantial tax bill. The CPA's and accountants of Bonfiglio & Dietz will help you navigate the perpetually evolving and complex landscape of tax legislation to effectively and efficiently transfer assets to your loved ones while minimizing the tax liability they will face on the transfers. 

Bonfiglio & Dietz will work directly with you to outline your wishes for the distribution of assets to be left in your estate and to structure a plan to ensure these wishes are met in way that minimizes the tax burden on your beneficiaries.

The best way to avoid future complications during a time of loss is with proper planning in the present - be confident and relaxed knowing that the CPA's and accountants of Bonfiglio & Dietz have you and your loved one's future in mind!

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IRS Audits can be extremely stressful and time-consuming - the CPA's and accountants of Bonfiglio & Dietz will represent you during the audit and will work tirelessly to help you achieve a favorable outcome. The experience and knowledge of our partners and staff allow us to effectively advise you in your dealings with taxing authorities and puts your worries at ease knowing your tax problems are being handled by someone who cares! 

Bonfiglio & Dietz represents its clients, both individuals and businesses, on income tax, payroll tax, and sales tax audits conducted by the IRS and state taxing agencies. The following are only a few of the agencies the Bonfiglio & Dietz accountants will represent you before...

  • The Internal Revenue Service

  • New York State Department of Taxation

  • New York State Department of Labor

  • New York State Workers Compensation Board

  • New York City Department of Finance

  • New Jersey Department of Taxation

  • New Jersey Department of Labor

  • New JerseyWorkers Compensation Board

  • New York City Department of Finance

  • General Liability Insurance Carriers

Although the outcome of these audits and assessments are far from certain, you will sleep comfortably at night knowing experienced and passionate CPA's of Bonfiglio & Dietz are working behind you to handle your situation with care!


Quickbooks is essential to many small business owners, however the software and initial setup each business needs is not the same. That's why the Bonfiglio & Dietz team can help with setup and support. Bonfiglio and Dietz CPAs can identify which software fits your company, as well as provide comprehensive support in setup, filing and reporting.

Contact us for further questions regarding QuickBooks installation and support.

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