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"Running a small business means making important decisions, exploring new opportunities, and perpetually working to improve your products or services. Allow us to take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs so you can continue to focus on operating your business and increasing your value to clients."

- Thomas Bonfiglio, Partner


We offer the following services on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the needs of your business:

  • Provide full write-up of your books

  • Reconcile your bank accounts

  • General ledger review

  • Prepare Financial Statements

  • Ensure proper processing and submission of payroll and sales tax filings

Don't allow the burden of bookkeeping and government filings to distract you from running your business;  Bonfiglio & Dietz will package any combination of these services to fit your accounting needs. 

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Performing full-scope write-up of your books allows us to ensure your income and expenses are properly recorded efficiently and accurately so your records are always up-to-date. Accurate books and records are essential to any business, regardless of whether you are looking to operate more efficiently or rapidly expand. ​

Our CPA's and accountants here at Bonfiglio & Dietz will make sure your income and expenses are properly classified throughout the year so there will not be any surprises come tax season. Monthly or Quarterly financial statements - including an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet - are provided to our write-up clients so you always know where your business stands. 

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You may have excellent operations, outstanding employees, and phenomenal revenues but improper monitoring of your bank accounts can be horribly detrimental to your business. As technology continues to play a larger part in banking and in maintaining your financial records, it is imperative to keep stringent controls of your cash. Regardless of what your Statement of Profit and Loss shows, you cannot truly measure the success of your business without fully reconciling and monitoring your bank accounts. 


Bonfiglio & Dietz CPA's and accountants will work through your bank accounts with a fine-toothed comb to make sure each account is properly reconciled. Their work reconciling your accounts will allow you to:

  • Detect and prevent your bank from charging you excess or unjustified fees

  • Detect and prevent fraud - do not become a victim of fraudulent checks drawn on your account

  • Detect and prevent embezzlement of your hard earned cash by your own employees

  • Ensure transactions identified in your records are properly posted by your bank

  • Have peace of mind - you will never have to worry about whether or not your check is going to bounce because you will know exactly how much cash you have in your account

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"Bonfiglio & Dietz helped me get my company back on track. I am a small business owner who has a passion for my business, but couldn't grasp the accounting side of my company. When I started working with Christopher, it was like he lifted a weight off my shoulders. I not only don't worry about my accounting anymore, but I've even seen a major difference in how my company is running - for the better!"

- Client Since 2016, Nicole F.

(Small Business Owner in New Jersey)



Your business is booming and your in-house accountant takes care of your book keeping and bank reconciliations; you definitely don't need an independent accountant's services, right? 

Even the most skilled in-house accountants run into questions regarding how to classify certain items - Can I capitalize that? Can this be expensed? How should I record my gift card revenue? What do I do about my sales discounts? Is sales tax an expense or contra-revenue?

Our CPA's and accountants will work with your in-house accounting department to not only answer these important questions, but also to identify and correct mistakes in your books. Accounting standards are constantly evolving and our CPA's and accountants here at Bonfiglio & Dietz will identify and correct errors in your general ledger that your in-house accountant may not have second guessed.​

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You've been successfully operating for a few years and you're finally ready to expand your business but your bank requires you to submit an itemized list of your income and expenses to apply for the loan you need. What do you do? 

Your income statement shows you are generating a profit but you notice your cash balance in your bank accounts has been decreasing. What is causing this? 

You want to know how much money you have drawn out of your partnership or s-corp this year but you don't have time to go through every ATM transaction and personal payment made from your business. How do you know?

The answers to these questions are simple:

  • You give the bank your Income Statement

  • You look to your Statement of Cash Flows

  • You look to the Equity section of your Balance Sheet

Bonfiglio & Dietz will prepare and maintain your company's Financial Statements so you have quick and easy access to answers.

Bonfiglio & Dietz will turn your complex accounting records into easy-to-understand Financial Statements, complete with notes describing significant accounts or events to answer your questions and fulfill your business's needs.​

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Running your small business means making important decisions and considering numerous factors on a daily basis- What vendor should I choose for production? Should I raise my prices? Do I want a black or white background on my business cards?

With all these questions and decisions constantly on your mind, imagine how easily you may forget an important filing deadline for sales tax or how easily you may be distracted and make a mistake in your payroll filings. 

Bonfiglio & Dietz will take care of your monthly or quarterly filing requirements based on your company's unique situation - including but not limited to sales tax filings, payroll filings, and annual compliance filings with the federal and state regulatory agencies.



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