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"Whether it's planning for expansion to a new location, deciding whether or not you can afford to buy that new piece of equipment, or sharing operational information with shareholders and board members, knowing the future profitability and cash flows of your business is important to your success. The CPA's and accountants at Bonfiglio & Dietz are experienced in developing financial projects and are passionate about using capital budgeting to help their clients grow and prosper."

- Christopher Dietz, Partner


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One thing prospective business owners, new business owners, and experienced business owners have in common is their desire to know how their company is going to perform in the future and the income they can expect from it. They sit at their desks and kitchen tables pondering countless "what-if" scenarios regarding their future income.

The CPA's and accountants of Bonfiglio & Dietz will carefully analyze past trends in the income and expenses of your existing operations or help you to develop rational assumptions based on industry standards related to your proposed business to answer those "what-if's" that keep you up at night. Once the baseline projection is formed, the accounting professionals will apply any quantifiable scenario you can imagine to your model and provide you with a projection of your future income. 

Whether you want to know what your business will make in 5 years with varying growth rates or want to know what your income will be in 6 months if you change your suppliers, Bonfiglio & Dietz will help you answer these questions.

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Your business has been operating well but you think it's time to focus on growth. You do your research and find yourself two options - buy a new piece of equipment that will increase your productivity or move to a new location which you believe will allow you to hold more inventory and is more friendly to your customer base. You believe both will increase your profitability but which is the right decision for you?

Capital budgeting is a tool employed by companies ranging in size from mom-and-pop shops in Anytown, USA to Fortune 50 companies listed on the NYSE to decide which projects to undertake and which to forego by weighing the marginal income and expenses related to each project. 

The CPA's and accountants of the Bonfiglio & Dietz know which questions matter the most in making these decisions and will help you answer each one properly. They will then use the answers to project the income and expenses for each option - in both the long-run and in the short-run. Finally, they will present you with the option that is most favorable to the goals of your business.

"Chris Dietz and his team have been a key factor in assisting me as I grow [my company]. Two years ago, I wanted to expand my brand and open a second store. Chris came up with a financial model that helped project my profits, losses, and if the opportunity at hand was going to be worth it and, at what cost. In the end his model could not of been more spot on, two years later I have my second store and it's functioning as he projected and not to mention smoothly with his help still today! I wouldn't be where I am without Bonfiglio & Dietz. I am very grateful for their services and team."

- Client Since 2012, Janice P.

(Business CEO & Founder in New York)

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