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"Chris Dietz and his team have been a key factor in assisting me as I grow my company. Two years ago, I wanted to expand my brand and open a second store. Chris came up with a financial model that helped project my profits, losses, and if the opportunity at hand was going to be worth it and, at what cost. In the end his model could not of been more spot on, two years later I have my second store and it's functioning as he projected and not to mention smoothly with his help still today! I wouldn't be where I am without Bonfiglio & Dietz. I am very grateful for their services and team."

- Client Since 2012, Janice P.

(Business CEO & Founder, New York)

"...In business you have your ups and downs; Bonfiglio & Dietz have been with me through this crazy ride. Audits, sales tax, personal tax and more, they have been there."

- Client Since 1998, Gary N.

(Business Owner, New York and Connecticut )

"[Bonfiglio & Dietz] is the best. They have always had my best interest at heart and that is something you cannot put a price on. I am happy to have a group of accountants who are incredibly smart and dedicated to you as a person...and our savings!"

- Client Since 2004, Nancy & Paul 

(Retired Business Owners, New York)

"Bonfiglio & Dietz helped me get my company back on track. I am a small business owner who has a passion for my business, but couldn't grasp the accounting side of my company. When I started working with Christopher, it was like he lifted a weight off my shoulders. I not only don't worry about my accounting anymore, but I've even seen a major difference in how my company is running - for the better!"

- Client Since 2016, Nicole F.

(Small Business Owner, New Jersey)

"We love Bonfiglio & Dietz! Simply the best accountants around. The accountants and their team here really care. They are attentive, smart and have made our taxes a really easy part of our life that we no longer have to stress over knowing we are in good hands."

- Clients since 2018, Cindy & Joe L.

(Realtor & Teacher, New York)

"Chris is the GUY! Wow. In all my years of having a family of entrepreneurs, we finally came across a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgable accountant last year when we were recommended by a friend to work with Chris and the Bonfiglio & Dietz team. Chris takes the time to listen and really ensures our understanding of every financial situation we face. He really gets how to be a good accountant."

- Client Since 2017, Joe C.

(Entrepreneur, New Jersey)

"I use Bonfiglio & Dietz for everything, really. They are my go-to team."

- Client Since 2016, Vincent D.

(Regional Operations Manager, New York)

"I have trusted the Bonfiglio & Dietz team for many years now. Since working with them as a single, small business owner to know having a family whom they assist; these two are reliable, knowledgeable and really just tax geniuses."

- Client Since 2009, Rick G.

(Business Owner, New York and New Jersey)

"Prompt, Intelligent, Amazing. Tom and Chris are simply the best, since the very start of being a client they have been an easy team to work with and continue their quality service years later. "

- Client Since 2010, Angelica V.

(Restaurateur, New York)

"We were referred to Bonfiglio & Dietz CPA's by a co-worker and we couldn't be happier. For some time as a newlywed couple we searched for a good accountant and with Chris we finally found one to get our taxes in order. Chris and his team have the offer great tax services and knowledge.  "

- Clients Since 2017, Michael & Tessa S.

(Director of Sales & Dental Associate, New York )

"We have been clients of Bonfiglio and Dietz since we opened our business. Our accountant Chris Dietz has been incredible . He replies to e-mails and phone calls promptly.  He thoroughly explains every thing to us. He pays attention to detail and keeps in touch with us throughout the entire season making sure we understand everything that is going on. We are confident that Bonfiglio and Dietz has our best interest in mind. We highly recommend them for business or personal accounting purposes."

- Clients Since 2010, Frank & Jamie O.

(Small Business Owners, New York)

"How lucky am I to have found such awesome accountants! In February 2015 I came to them with my tax return (which they made filing very easy) and since then, I opened my own business (in 2017) Chris came up with an entire projection model and budget for me. I was nervous to open my shop, but with Chris's guidance I have now smoothly been in business and only growing! He thought of things I didn't when opening and I am so grateful he did - he gave me knowledge and confidence to open. Financial EXPERT!"

- Client Since 2015, Leslie J.

(Business Owner, New York)

"Thank you to Chris and his team for all you do for me. Service is top notch."

- Client Since 2018, Patrick D.

(Doctor, New York)

"Bonfiglio & Dietz are a huge asset to my business. Without them, I am unsure if my business would operate as smoothly. They handle our payroll, bookkeeping, taxes and even handle budgeting. They are intelligent accountants and great to work with."

- Client Since 2013, Jerry T.

(Small Business Owner, New York)

"I was referred to Chris in 2016 by my uncle when I graduated college and moved to Brooklyn. From the jump, he has made filing my taxes and planning for my future so easy. I have since moved to New Jersey and still continue to work with Chris because he is the best and service like this is hard to find. "

- Client Since 2016, Christine E.

(Marketing Associate, New Jersey)

"Tom & Chris are accountants I enjoy working with. They are a power team. Smart, caring and innovative they have helped me with so much. From my bank reconciliations, or my taxes these guys are the ones to trust."

- Client Since 2010, Ricky P.

(Sales Associate, New York)

"Awesome service, awesome work. I just got married and started a new job and with their help I feel secure! Thanks for all your knowledge and help."

- Client Since 2019, James O.

(Fitness & Wellness Coach, New Jersey)

"We are thrilled with our new accountants! Chris has helped us with all of our business and personal finances. We also recently opened a new business and he helped us through budgeting even when we had a hundred questions!! Chris remained patient, kind and knowledgable!

- Client Since 2020, Allison & Joe L.

(Business Owners, New Jersey)


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